In the face of rapidly evolving technologies, Team Carbon8 can helps you make the right choices by providing the expertise needed to make the right IT investments at the right time.

Applications & Software Solutions

Applications and software solutions are a key to success to any business. Carbon8, realizes that in order to bring the maximum benefits of automation, our clients requires a system integrator that will cater for comprehensive software requirements.
Our software portfolio includes:
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Mobile Positioning
  • Telecom Traffic Analysis
  • Intelligence Support System
  • Mall Management System
  • Vehicle & Asset Tracking Systems
  • Warrant Management System
  • Hospital Management System
  • SMS Integration
  • Brand Integration

Core Infrastructure Solutions

Our expertise in core infrastructure solution revolves around each segment of the enterprise architecture starting from Edge to server farm and ending at software and applications. The complete architecture is covered with our expertise in following domains: Design and Implementation including Servers, Storages, Networks, etc. Virtualization and Consolidation Backup and Disaster Recovery Databases, Software and Applications Messaging, Collaboration and Portal Solutions Security Audits
Our certified experts have helped some of the most expansive businesses in the region to optimize their current IT assets and put them to their most effective use. With experienced professionals consulting you regarding your requirements for technology, your IT investments are safe and effective. We have consulted leading organizations on archiving, backup and recovery, business continuity, collaboration, resource & system management, data mobility, virtualization, and much more.
Our networking specialists connect enterprises with robust and reliable technology that link people to information. Be it a small LAN setup, a WAN setup or networking between businesses located across borders, we have the necessary expertise to build, deploy and maintain the best-in-class enterprise networks in the region.
With collaborative partnerships, Carbon8 assures low ownership cost, quality of deliverables, superior technical support and unmatched warranties.
In the ever-growing internet of things, security is the paramount issue faced by enterprise today. Carbon8 has a dedicated team for the domain which covers security along each segment of enterprise architecture, from Edge to applications.
Our security services include:
  • Networks Assessment
  • Security Policy Development
  • Server Hardening & Web Filtering
  • Intrusion Detection Services
  • Surveillance Solutions
  • Application & Data Security
Exceptional and unanticipated growth in data and enormous regulatory requirements often lead to mismanaged and underutilized storage infrastructure concluding unnecessary costs and substantial risks. The impact multiplies itself every few years with the change in technology, statutes and requirements.
Carbon8 partners with some of the world’s leading storage solutions providers that can help enterprises gain complete control over their storage infrastructure and how every bit of data stored is utilized over time. Our experts have enabled businesses to enjoy unparalleled control over their storage streams. Our storage solutions provide:
  • Configuration Management
  • Consolidation & Virtualization
  • Remote Replication
  • De-Duplication & Encryption
We unify management for scalability, availability, tiered storage, data migration, performance tuning, and statutory and regulatory requirements. With vast experience in the field, pain-point feedback and commitment to excellence in the concept and design, Carbon8 ensures a solution that centralizes everything.
From simple capacity management to highly complex information lifecycle management, everything is now possible with a Storage Area Network (SAN) infrastructure.