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Centralized Biometric Times Attendance & Monitoring System for Elementary School & Secondary Education AJK

Human Resource Management SystemAttendance Management SystemData Management Live Dashboards Network ManagementSystem Management


Human Resource Management SystemHuman Resources Management System enables the efficient management of workforce data and supports all standard HR activities, including workforce organization, development, and measurement.Attendance Management SystemMonthly Attendance Sheet, School Monthly Attendance, Mark Attendance , Employee Monthly AttendanceDashboardLive Statistics Schools, Attendance History Geographical Spread ,Biometric Machines Status Live Statistics Offices, School Attendance, Office AttendanceData Management by Bluetooth Data ImportNetwork ManagementTelecom Networks, SIM Numbers, Biometric Machines Registration25 Reports major reports have been extracted through the systemSystem Management School Registrations and ProfilingUser Management Create User


Human Resource Management System | Attendance Management System | Data Management | Live Dashboards | Network Management | System Management

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